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Round Flush Mount Grates

Product Opening O. D. Docs
LFR-36 36" 44" x 44"
LFR-48 48" 56" x 56"
LFR-60 60" 68" x 68"
LFR-72 72" 80" x 80"
LFR-84 84" 92" x 92"

Product Drawing

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Materials/Finishes Weight
Mild Steel (No Finish) 71.40 lbs.
Mild Steel (Galvanized) 71.40 lbs.
Stainless Steel 71.40 lbs.
Aluminum 24.70 lbs.
Mild Steel (Powder Coated) 71.40 lbs.

Product Description

The frameless bolt-down design of this top mount trash rack provides a low profile option that maximizes available elevation in detention pond and retention pond applications. A heavy duty center hinge allows easy access for maintenance and inspection by simply lifting the free side of the grate.


*AutoCAD Drawings Available Upon Request


*AutoCAD Drawings Available Upon Request


*AutoCAD Drawings Available Upon Request


*AutoCAD Drawings Available Upon Request


*AutoCAD Drawings Available Upon Request