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Orifice and Weir Plates

Product Opening O. D. Docs
PL-12 18” x 18” Varies
PL-24 28” 28” Varies
PL-36 40” x 40” Varies
PL-48 52” x 52” Varies

Product Drawing

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Materials/Finishes Weight
Mild Steel (No Finish) 21.00 lbs.
Mild Steel (Galvanized) 21.00 lbs.
Stainless Steel 21.00 lbs.
Aluminum 7.00 lbs.

Product Description

Used as a flow restriction device to regulate volume in stormwater management applications, orifice plates and weir plates are often featured on outlet control structures. Various standard sizes are offered in mild steel with galvanized or powder coat finish, and in stainless steel or aluminum.


*AutoCAD Drawings Available Upon Request


*AutoCAD Drawings Available Upon Request


*AutoCAD Drawings Available Upon Request


*AutoCAD Drawings Available Upon Request